Meet the Spritekin

Who are the Spritekin? Oh that’s a good question! Spritekin are magical little friends who live in forests, meadows, and all around in nature, anywhere the Fae are known to be really! That’s because the Spritekin were created by the Fae, you see! When the mischievous Fae decided to¬† see what it would be like to talk to a rock or a mushroom or a fallen log… well, they brought the Spritekin to life with their curiosity and imagination! And maybe a sprinkling of fairy dust!

The Spritekin don’t mind being around at all, however, so all is well that ends well, right? They’re just happy little guys who live in the woods, down by the creek, or over on the hill. They spend their days exploring the big big world around them, finding tasty treats to nibble, and making friends with the other little critters that bring life and color to the world around us.

Now you could find any old rock or leaf on the forest floor and take it home because it’s pretty or shiny or cute, but only the Spritekin have the special Fae magic that makes them the best little buddies you could ask for! They love to hang out on your desk or a shelf overlooking your favorite reading spot, or on the table by your bed so they can always be there with a ready smile when you could really use a little cheering up.

They don’t need much to keep happy! Just place them somewhere they can watch over you while you work or play, say hi to them as you pass, and give them a little pat once in a while to let them know they’re doing a good job as best buddy. Maybe tickle their tummies if you want to repay the favor!

The Keepers of the Spritekin would tell you these little guys might even have a spark of the Fae magic that created them still lingering inside themselves. Maybe if you tell them your heart’s secret desires, they’ll even try their best to help your dreams come true! I’m sure they will if you ask nicely. They love to help their best friends!

No matter where you keep your Spritekin pal, remember the little guys live on love and kindness and fun! So whenever their warm little smiles cheer you up, give them a little smile right back and your Spritekin friend will thrive with you always! But don’t you ever be mean to them! If you do, the Keepers of the Spritekin will know. And well, let’s just say you don’t want to be on their bad side…

Now, if you promise to be kind and caring to your little friend, you can adopt one and take them home where they will happily keep you company. So are you ready to meet your new best friend? Come on into the Grove and have a look around… We’re sure someone here is just the right best friend for you…

~The Keepers
Up up up!